Tulmar Safety Systems Inc.

Patrick Phillips
Vice President, Business Development
Tel: (613) 632-1282 ext. 292
| Fax: (613) 632-2030

1123 Cameron Street
Hawkesbury, ON, K6A 2B8

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Tulmar Safety Systems Inc. was incorporated in 1992 and operates from a 60,000 square foot facility in Hawkesbury, Ontario. Customers comprise major airlines, air-frame manufacturers, defence prime contractors, system integrators and government agencies. The company has a global presence, catering not only to the North American markets, but to countries such Germany, India, Australia, and are constantly looking for new interesting markets to explore.


A robust in-house design capability and expertise in coated fabrics and inflatable technology has enabled Tulmar to develop unique protective solutions including air-droppable life rafts, ice-water rescue ramps and landing strips for UAVs.

Aeronautical products include life jackets, life rafts, passenger restraint kits, seat restraints, cargo restraints, seat covers, carpet kits, galley flooring kits, helicopter float bags and survival kits.

In-flight Training products include XL evacuation slides, Protective Breathing Equipment and life vests that incorporate the factors essential for training but are constructed from durable materials for reusability and extended service life.

Tulmar also has a reliable in-house repairs & overhaul department providing services for products such as life rafts and life vests (including RFID). Other capabilities include seat belts re-webbing, life rafts and life vests rentals, ELT maintenance, compressed gas re-fill and more.



Tulmar is a Transport Canada and EASA Approved Manufacturer and Maintenance Organization for Aeronautical Safety Equipment (AMO 67-92, EASA 145.72.7249).

For Cabin Crew Training Centers, Tulmar offers turn-key management services that are customized for the needs of the organization. Such services include the complete management of training equipment (i.e. planning, budgeting, sourcing, repairs and maintenance), the presence of one of our technical expert on-site thus enabling the organization to optimize their training programs with minimal intervention. Our expertise ensures safety, operational continuity and training consistence while meeting the highest maintenance, accountability and measurement standards. Our primary focus is the safety of all personnel using in-flight training equipment.