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Executive Director
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Leigh Kras
Member Communications & Events
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The Ontario Aerospace Council (OAC) is comprised of 200 member companies, representing over 70% of the Ontario aerospace industry employment base and spans all tiers, business activities and sizes. Ontario-made aerospace parts from this technology-intensive diversified cluster are used on virtually every passenger aircraft in the world. Our purpose is to enhance recognition of Ontario’s capabilities as a leader in global aerospace markets and work together to build greater expertise to assure continued growth and prosperity.

OAC fosters relationships between all stakeholders: industry, academia, researchers, governments and associations to gather and share industry intelligence, identify and facilitate funding as well as being an active catalyst
for industry growth. Working collectively and collaboratively with our members and in partnership with government (Provincial & Federal), we define and implement strategic member programs, initiatives and events in areas including: technology development & adoption, supply chain relationships & readiness, skills development & workplace training.

All Ontario companies and organizations involved in and with the aerospace industry in Ontario are invited to be part of this collaborative effort. This includes OEM’s, large companies and SME’s in: aircraft manufacturing (Tiers 1-4); UAS/ UAV’s’; maintenance, repair & overhaul; ground- based infrastructure; and space. Also included are Ontario organizations that do business with the aerospace industry, i .e .: colleges, universities, research centres, financial institutions and consultants (engineering, business services).


OAC facilitates participation in a variety of industry leading international trade and B2B shows. Preferred rates and/or services are offered to our members in partnership with the Government of Ontario, affiliated associations and organizations.

OAC liaises with major aerospace companies from around the globe to facilitate Industry Supplier Days designed to grow the Ontario footprint for their supply base and/or R&T initiatives.


Working collectively and collaboratively with our members, OAC defines, develops and implements strategic programs designed to target specific areas and needs of our member businesses, actively seeking support through strategic alliances, partnerships or government funding opportunities as well as providing seminars/workshops to address these needs.


OAC has long-term collaborative strategic relationships at all stakeholder levels, both provincially and nationally. OAC is also the Ontario Regional Office for CARIC.

OAC’s Research & Technology Committee is comprised of representatives from government, academia, OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers and SMEs. Its mission is to serve our community by bringing together organizations from different levels of the aerospace technology and supply chain to facilitate meaningful and directed collaborations that will result in enhanced competitiveness and capability across the Ontario aerospace sector.