National Research Council of Canada

Eric Lefebvre
Business Advisor
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The NRC’s Aerospace Research Centre is the primary innovation centre for aerospace research and development in Canada.

As a federal organization, our mission is to create, advance and apply world-leading aerospace capabilities in Canada for the benefit of the Canadian ecosystem. We have 200+ active partnerships with industrial partners, universities, other government departments, and international research and technology organizations. Our unique facilities help our clients overcome their product development and certification challenges, and our 350+ aerospace researchers have core expertise in aerodynamics, propulsion, flight research, icing, manufacturing, and structures and materials performance.

To position Canada’s aerospace industry for success in new aerospace markets, we are investing in emerging technologies like autonomous air mobility, digital twin, sustainable aviation, human factors and digital additive/subtractive manufacturing.

3,800 employees

Products & Services: Airborne Radar; Contract Engineering & Technical Personnel; Contract R & D; Engine Test Cells; Environmental Test Facilities; Special Purpose Aircraft; Test Rigs & Equipment; Wind Tunnel Test Facilities