National Research Council of Canada

Eric Lefebvre
Business Advisor
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The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) is Canada’s premier research and technology organization. We support the aerospace industry by applying world-class expertise and facilities to projects and collaborations which advance research and technology development in our core areas of aerodynamics, flight research, gas turbines, structures and materials, and manufacturing.

NRC has the unique competitive advantage of being a multidisciplinary organization that can link aerospace activities to other key sectors including energy, security, construction and surface transportation; and exploit efficient exchange of ideas between disciplines to drive rapid technological change. Multidisciplinary collaboration is particularly evident in our research and technology development focus on defence technologies and sustainment, aeronautical product development and certification, future aircraft architectures, autonomous mobility, advanced manufacturing, human factors, and icing.

3,800 employees

Products & Services: Airborne Radar; Contract Engineering & Technical Personnel; Contract R & D; Engine Test Cells; Environmental Test Facilities; Special Purpose Aircraft; Test Rigs & Equipment; Wind Tunnel Test Facilities