Saab Canada Inc.

Simon Carroll
President, Saab Canada, Inc.
Tel: (613) 238-8784 cell 613-314-8819

130 Albert Street, Suite 1620
Ottawa, ON, K1P 5G4

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Saab develops, modifies and delivers Saab’s broad portfolio of products and solutions for Canada. Our defence and security solutions have supported the Canadian government and armed forces for over 25 years with products ranging from ground combat systems to signature management to advanced naval radars and sensors. We are a world class provider of Air and Maritime Traffic Management solutions to public security authorities and commercial operators around the world. Our Vancouver based maritime traffic unit develops and produces port security solutions to customers in Canada and abroad. We partner with Canadian industry to ensure that the Canadian Armed Forces have the systems and equipment needed to ensure the safety of Canadian citizens, secure Canada’s borders and to protect Canadian national interests anywhere in the world.

We also work to grow the Canadian economy by generating export opportunities for products and technology developed by our partners and suppliers in Canada. Saab is dedicated to continuous investment in Canada, building customer relationships, strategic partnerships, and long-term business development both domestically and internationally.

Products & Services: Air Traffic Control Systems & Equipment; Airborne Radar; Commuters & Regional Aircraft; Aircraft Structures & Sub-assembly; Airport Security Systems & Equipment; C3I; Command & Control Systems; Engineering & Management Support; Fire Control Systems & Components; Munitions; Special Purpose Aircraft; Surveillance Systems; Targets & Target Systems; Weapons Systems