CryptoMill Cybersecurity Solutions

Nandini Jolly
President & CEO
Tel: (416) 837-9332

Leigh Bolger
Executive Assistant

2 Berkeley Street
Suite #310
Toronto, ON, M5A 4J5

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Cyber Made in Canada – SMB CryptoMill’s Circles of Trust is an all-Canadian software suite, addressing cyber threats related to external hacks, internal rogue related data leaks and supply chain vulnerabilities. At TRL8 readiness, Circles of Trust ensures a Zero Trust Architecture and enables Data-Centric Security. With persistent encryption, protection follows the data wherever

it goes, and access controls are maintained even as the data is shared with allies and partners. Circles of Trust, prevents any unauthorized access to sensitive data, providing security from tactical edge disconnected to fully connected enterprise cloud. Circles of Trust facilitates secure data share within Communities of Interest, on a need-to-know basis and supports cross-domain, pan-nation data share for Warfighters. <50 employees

Products & Services:  Command & Control Systems; Computer Equipment/Software/Systems; Ground Receiving Stations, Components & Software; Satellites, Satellite Systems, Components & Software; Systems Integration