Arnaud Thioulouse
Chief Executive Officer
Tel: 438-372-3515

5605 Av De Gaspé, Suite 706
Montreal, QC, H2T 2A4

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Revolutionizing air cargo transport

FLYING WHALES’ mission is to develop an unprecedented transport solution which will:
– expand economic development for landlocked regions, and
– reduce the cargo transport industry’s environmental impact.

To this end, FLYING WHALES is developing a Large Capacity Airship which will provide an innovative and environmentally friendly solution to large scale air cargo, thanks to its hovering capabilities, an unparalleled payload capacity of up to 60 tons, and a hybrid electric propulsion.

FLYING WHALES QUEBEC is the Canadian arm of FLYING WHALES, and as such is responsible for executing specific critical work packages for the development program, and for building a Canadian production facility which will assemble all the airships destined for the North and South American markets.

Our solution will have the ability to load and unload dozens of tons of heavy cargo (60 tons) while hovering in stationary flight. Our development efforts are dedicated to minimizing our environmental footprint at several levels, and to contribute to the transport industry’s low carbon objectives. Contrary to existing aircraft, an airship, thanks to helium gas, does not require fuel power for lift. In flight, the airship’s hybrid electric turbo-generator generates lower emissions, and the next generation will be powered by hydrogen, effectively achieving zero emission in operation. Finally, the airship’s hovering ability further contributes to the decarbonization of the heavy freight sector, by reducing the requirement for building and maintaining extensive ground infrastructure.

We are building tomorrow’s sustainable and cost-effective heavy air cargo solution.

The FLYING WHALES group has offices in France (Suresnes, Bordeaux) and in Montreal, Quebec.

We are 150+ employees worldwide.