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Babcock operates fixed and rotary wing military and commercial craft, supporting medical emergencies, civil protection, search and rescue, surveillance, firefighting, and defence sectors.

In a typical year, our global aviation operations team of 3,000 staff undertake over 135,000 flying hours, 40,000 hours of pilot training and 73,000 emergency healthcare missions; extinguish over 5,500 fires, and rescue 8,650 people.

Military Flight Training

We deliver over 40,000 flying hours for armed forces each year, using our own fleet of aircraft, synthetic training aids, simulators, on the job training and training partners. Our approach is backed by infrastructure and integrated IT systems that annually benefit thousands of pilots, aeronautical and aircraft engineers, and fleet controllers, providing the right people with the right skills at the right time.

Aerial Firefighting

Babcock delivers a fully integrated and professional aerial firefighting management service, underpinned by our own proprietary technology investments and internally delivered mission specialist pilot training. We operate both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft throughout Europe and in Canada.

Air Ambulance

Babcock has a fleet of ambulance-configured helicopters and airplanes, providing emergency medical flight services in those places where it is difficult to use other means of transport, including traffic accidents, rescues and emergency transport between hospitals. Our services operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Search and Rescue

We are a leading provider of aerial search and rescue services developed over many years through our businesses in Spain and the UK with a strong position on delivering search and rescue services to the oil and gas sector. We provide a customized service offering by adding experience from our market leading position in aerial emergency services to deliver a value-added service for our customers.

480 employees

Other Locations: Winnipeg, MB; Victoria, BC; Halifax, NS

Products & Services: Aerial Services; Education, Simulation & Training; Engineering; Engineering & Management Support; Support Services