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Babcock is a leading provider of special mission aerial, ground support and training services.

We operate fixed and rotary wing military and commercial craft, supporting medical emergencies, civil protection, search and rescue, surveillance, firefighting, defence and energy sectors. We deliver aircraft engineering and airfield services, maintaining aircraft, assets and equipment to ensure availability and operational support across multiple airworthiness jurisdictions; commercial and military.

In a typical year, our global aviation operations team of 3,000 staff undertake over 135,000 flying hours, 40,000 hours of pilot training and 61,400 emergency healthcare missions; extinguish over 5,400 fires, rescue 8,650 people and transport over 227,700 oil & gas passengers.


We deliver over 40,000 flying hours for armed forces each year, using our own fleet of aircraft, synthetic training aids, simulators, on the job training and training partners. Our approach is backed by infrastructure and integrated IT systems that annually benefit thousands of pilots, aeronautical and aircraft engineers, and fleet controllers, providing the right people with the right skills at the right time. This makes us one of the world’s largest aircraft training and operational service providers, with over 520 special missions and training aircraft supported daily by experienced aviation professionals.

  • In France, Babcock is designing and maintaining a training platform and related services for the French Air Force (l’Armée de l’Air). The 11-year contract provides new training aircraft, related simulators and modernised training facilities for the training of fighter jet crews to be performed by the Air Force itself.
  • In the United Kingdom, Babcock operates the UK Light Aircraft FlyingTask (LAFT2) fleet for the Ministry of Defence (MoD), offering a complete flying training service, from flying instructors, logistical support, and fleet management through to aircraft maintenance.
  • In the Middle East, we have trained Royal Air Force of Oman’s aircraft engineers for over 50 years, providing technical instructors as well as on-the-job
  • We support the Royal Navy School of Aircraft Control, providing training to Fleet Controllers using synthetic training aids and our own simulator


Babcock offers authorities a comprehensive range of fire-fighting services including water drops, fire pattern mapping, aerial intelligence and planned incendiary burning for environmental management.


Babcock has a fleet of ambulance-configured helicopters and airplanes, providing emergency medical flight services in those places where it is difficult to use other means of transport, including traffic accidents, rescues and emergency transport between hospitals. Our services operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Our support to air operations is essential to delivering mission ready aircraft. We deliver aircraft maintenance, aircraft line and base operations, equipment maintenance and airfield support services.

Babcock provides aircraft and airfield support services across 23 bases in Australia and Malaysia, and is the largest provider of built- asset management services to the Ministry of Defence in the UK. We ensure facilities run correctly to support operations. For airfields, this includes air traffic control, fire and rescue services and airfield operations.