Calian, Advanced Technologies

Terry Rohrke
Vice President, Test, Aerospace and Defence
Tel: (306) 931-3425

18 Innovation Blvd.
Saskatoon, SK, S7N 3R1

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Calian, Advanced Technologies (formerly Calian SED) develops sophisticated communication solutions for defence, aerospace and industrial customers around the world. We excel at developing, qualifying, and manufacturing complex, high- reliability systems, products and services for mission-critical applications.

Calian, Advanced Technologies provides engineering design services, in-house manufacturing, contract build-to-print services, and test solutions. We have the expertise, capacity and resources to design, build and fully test each component of the deliverable item, ensuring performance in the harshest of conditions. We’re a partner you can count on.

 Other Locations: Edmonton, AB; Montreal, QC


Products & Services: Command & Control Systems; Contract Design & Manufacturing; Ground Receiving Stations & Components; Printed Circuit Boards; Remote Sensing Equipment; Signal Processing Equipment; Software Design & Development; Surveillance Systems; Systems Integration; Test Jigs & Equipment