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Babcock is the world’s leading provider of aerial services for mission-critical operations such as medical emergency, civil protection, search and rescue, coast and city surveillance, firefighting and energy support services.

Every day, lives and livelihoods depend on the operations we fly. As a 24-hour company, we’re trained and equipped to handle any emergency and to go wherever our customers need us, always putting our absolute commitment to Safety and quality at the heart of everything we do.

Our global team of around 3,000 people deliver a range of critical and life-saving services every day, including:


Babcock’s HEMS aircraft are genuine mobile ICUs with a reaction and mobility capacity that enables them to reach places that are inaccessible to others, in record time.

With over 30 years of experience in HEMS services, the most up-to-date fleet and equipment and the best qualified personnel, Babcock supports international, national and regional government bodies and charity organizations. Babcock also has medical bases in key positions across all the countries in which it operates. Babcock is the only operator in Spain, Italy and Portugal running H24 medical bases, which operate 24 hours a day.

Key Emergency Management Services Facts

  • Operations in the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Sweden, Finland and Germany.
  • Experts in specific training for doctors and nurses, including a HEMS simulator.
  • More than 1,000 specialized professionals.
  • 59,370 HEMS missions executed in 2015.


Babcock delivers firefighting services using a variety of specialized rotary and fixed wing aircraft, as well as transporting fire brigade units across Southern and Western Europe. We have been responsible for managing amphibious firefighting fleets for the governments of Italy, Portugal, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Cyprus, Turkey, Lebanon and Georgia.

Key Aerial Firefighting Facts

  • Operations in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Cyprus, Turkey, Lebanon, Georgia and Australia.
  • More than 500 specialized professionals and 100 aircraft
  • Experts in the prevention and extinguishing of fires in the toughest conditions


Babcock has more than 40 years of experience in providing services to the oil & gas industry. Companies such as Repsol, ENI, Nexen Petroleum UK, Shell, Saipen and Premier Oil, among others, trust Babcock to deliver transport services for passengers, provisions and materials for their offshore rigs.

Babcock provides crew-change operations for the North Sea oil & gas industry, and has operations in the UK, Australia, Spain, Morocco, Libya and Mauritania. Babcock is also present in the African continent providing offshore helicopter transportation services in Ghana and Mozambique, from the on-shore base to the drilling ship, 7 days a week and medical evacuation operations on request 24/7.

Babcock also operates specialist Search and Rescue (SAR) aircraft to support the Oil and Gas industry. These helicopters are equipped with specialist search and rescue equipment to provide 24 hour SAR coverage. In 2014 we flew more than 9,000 hours, carrying out SAR operations, and rescued over 5,000 people in Spain, Italy, the UK and Australia.

Key Aerial Firefighting Facts

  • Passengers: over 200,000 each year
  • More than 1400 search and rescue missions each year
  • Fleet:25 helicopters
  • Bases: 15