Canada’s space program has a long, proud heritage, but over the past decade, fiscal pressures on major programs and constrained government finances have resulted in a reduction in government investment in the national space program. This pressure has come at a time when there has never been more opportunity and a greater imperative to leverage the economic and social benefit of space. Space has the potential to be an economic, technological and industrial powerhouse that, if well supported, can deliver significant and sustainable benefits for Canada well into the future.

While the government has taken some essential positive steps with regard to the future of the Canadian space industry over the last few years, decisive action to retain Canadian space competitiveness and participation in the international space community in both the short and in the long term is critical and urgent. AIAC continues to work closely with Industry Canada, the Canadian Space Agency and government leadership towards the twin goals of re-invigorating Canada’s short-term technology development funding commitments and developing a long-term plan for Canada’s future in space that supports strong domestic space capacity and continued robust Canadian participation in the international space community.

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