Limosa Group inc.

Hamid Hamidi
Chief Executive Officer
Tel: (514) 465-0610

Mehrnaz Mohajer Jasbi
Vice President, Operations
(514) 577-3219

410-6655 Che. de la Cote-des-Neiges
Montreal, QC, H3S 2B4

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Limosa Inc., founded in June 2021 in Montréal, Québec, stands at the forefront of revolutionizing future air mobility with its flagship project, the LimoConnect electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft. Anticipated for certification by 2028, this innovative 7+1-seater eVTOL boasts a 1000 lbs payload for 200 miles of range and a modular design that seamlessly transitions between passenger/cargo transport and specialized missions like air ambulance services.

Human-centric design lies at the core of LimoConnect, prioritizing unparalleled convenience and comfort for passengers. Beyond its spacious interiors, the eVTOL’s Conventional Takeoff and Landing (CTOL) capability enhances adaptability within existing infrastructures.

Limosa’s strategic focus extends to Emergency Medical Services (EMS), exemplified by LimoMedic—the ambulance version of LimoConnect. Uniquely, it can carry two patients, making it the sole eVTOL in its category suitable for air ambulance applications.

The company has strategically cultivated pivotal partnerships to drive its vision forward. BAC Aerospace is a key collaborator in achieving LimoConnect’s certification, and Limosa takes pride in being the trailblazing Canadian company to initiate this process under the stringent regulations of Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA). Aligning with AutoFlug, a venerable 100-year-old German company specializing in safety equipment and seating, alongside AMS Heli for air ambulance stretchers and medical equipment, underscores our commitment to excellence. Additionally, under NDA partnerships with other reputable manufacturers, we ensure access to state-of-the-art electric motors and battery systems. Simultaneously, our collaboration with C3RiOS focuses on avionics and seamless systems integration.

Limosa’s CEO, Hamid Hamidi, envisions a sustainable future, emphasizing the eVTOL’s eco-friendly design. Recent milestones include successful flight demonstration at Marina Municipal Airport in California in October 2023.

Looking ahead, Limosa is set to exhibit at the Aerospace Summit, engage with government representatives, and participate in the Air Shows alongside our partners. With a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and efficient transportation, Limosa Inc. aims to revolutionize the aviation industry, connecting people and possibilities.