Pennant Canada Limited

Paul Lefort
Business Development – Regional Development Manager – North America
Tel: 613-804-4471
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1400 Blair Place, Suite 100, Ottawa, ON K1J 9B8
Ottawa, ON, K1J 9B8

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Pennant is a leading global provider of a suite of software solutions and technical services that supports the design, development, operation, maintenance and training of complex assets. Capabilities include a suite of IPS software solutions (GenS, Analyzer and R4i), technology-led training systems covering softwarebased solutions, generic training devices and bespoke engineering, as well as technical services covering consultancy and technical documentation. The company was established over 65 years ago.

140 employees

Other Locations: UK, Australasia, USA
Products & Services: Document Management & Maintenance; Education, Simulation & Training; Publications Management; Software Design & Development;
Support Services; Technical Illustration, Writing & Manuals