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Daniel Verreault
Director for Canada, Military Systems Operation, GE - Aviation
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Ottawa, ON, K1P 5Y7

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General Electric operates several businesses in Canada. GE Canada supports the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Royal Canadian Navy, the Canadian Coast Guard, and commercial air carriers and the commercial marine industry.

In Canada, GE Aviation manufactures commercial and military engine airfoils in Bromont Quebec. At the same facility, it also operates a Robotics Centre of Excellence and an Advanced Instrumentation Shop. In Winnipeg, GE Aviation operates a Testing, Research Development Centre for its commercial and military engine programs.

GE engines power over 80% of the Air Forces’ aircraft and the Halifax Class Frigates. GE Aviation also powers Boeing and Airbus commercial aircraft, and Bombardier and Embraer Regional and Executive Jets. GE also supports, through well-established Canadian based repair and overhaul entities, all military GE engines in Canada.

GE holds the performance-based in-service support contract for the GE LM2500 Gas Turbine that power the Frigates. GE also offers a comprehensive ship propulsion systems, including mechanical, electrical and hybrid drives, generators, motors and power conversion, distribution and controls, and Integrated Power Management System. GE will power the RCN’s Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships.

GE Canada is recognized for having delivered high-quality Industrial and Regional Benefits as well as having significantly exceeded its legal commitments with Canada.