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Chief Operating Officer
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Vice President, Business Development
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Field Aviation has been providing specialized services to the international aviation community for over 70 years. With over 500 employees and 4 different locations, Field Aviation has the resources and capabilities to get the job done. The Field Aviation team is dedicated to finding creative technical solutions for our customers. We are also a parts manufacturing and sub-assembly center of excellence for aircraft OEMs, and an avionics equipment dealer and authorized service center.


Field Aviation is an industry leader in the design, manufacture, installation, flight test, and certification of interior and exterior modifications of commercial and special mission aircraft. These solutions efficiently enhance the operational utilization of a wide range of aircraft platforms which provide services such as flight inspection, search & rescue, ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance), and border protection. Field Aviation’s numerous special mission aircraft and expertise in this area rank it amongst the top companies in the world that are capable of this activity.

Also recognized for our capabilities in avionics and interior upgrades, Field Aviation offers flight deck modernization, customized passenger interiors (mixed class, VIP reconfigurations & refurbishments) and cargo conversions.


Using innovative processes, Field Aviation also offers precise sub-assembly solutions for aerospace OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. Being Transport Canada and FAA approved, and meeting AS9100 standards, Field Aviation ensures the highest quality products are being produced and shipped to its domestic and international customers. Our adept workforce, with its knowledge of manufacturing and assembly processes, consistently delivers.

As a build-to-print manufacturer, Field Aviation also specializes in the production of aircraft parts and spares. Working with aerospace-approved grade metals and plastics, our manufacturing processes include: CNC routing, milling, turning, forming and 3D printing. We produce sheet metal details, high-precision machined parts, TIG and spot welded components to OEM specifications.

One of the advantages of working with Field Aviation for parts manufacturing is our in-house processing which allows us to carefully control the quality of our products and reduce lead times. Our processing capabilities include; Alodine, priming, painting, chromic acid anodizing, aluminum coatings (flame spray) and various heat treatments.

Field Aviation also offers component repair & overhaul capabilities for various parts such as landing gear, actuators, and furnishings.


Field Aviation offers significant in-house repair capabilities covering more than 900 avionics components from more than 40 manufacturers. We are also equipment dealers for over 20 different equipment OEMs. We provide service and installation capabilities for electronic flight bags,TAWS, satcom, flat-panel displays and flight management systems.

With technical service capabilities extending to most avionics units in the marketplace, our factory-trained technicians use test equipment to repair a wide range of avionics systems and components. We also offer on-site support for AMOs and mobile repair teams.

With its innovative team of engineers and technicians, Field Aviation consistently demonstrates its expertise and dedication to making ordinary aircraft extraordinary.