Field Aviation

Brian Love
Chief Commercial Officer
Tel: (905) 676-1540

Robert Baseggio
Vice President, Business Development
Tel: (905) 676-1540
Fax: (905) 676-0977
rbaseggio@fieldav .com

2450 Derry Road East
Mississauga, ON, L5S 1B2

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For over 70 years, Field Aviation has been providing creative technical solutions to the international aviation community. With four locations across the U.S. and Canada, our team’s aerospace engineering skills and experience are geared to customizing aircraft for various applications. With more than 300 STCs and modification kits to choose from, Field Aviation is able to transform entire airframes to produce effective maritime patrol and ISR aircraft. With the ability to design, install, test, and certify all of our modifications, Field Aviation’s upgrades and solutions keep your aircraft technologically advanced when performing special mission operations. We also manufacture parts and sub-assemblies for aircraft OEMs, and are an avionics equipment dealer and authorized service centre.

600+ employees

Other locations: Calgary, ON; Oklahoma City, OK

Products & services: Aircraft Conversions & Overhaul (Fixed Wing); Aircraft Structures &

Sub-assembly; Auxiliary Power Units; Avionics Testing & Repair; Business Aircraft; Cockpit Display Systems; Collision Avoidance & Warning Systems; Communications Systems, Radios & Equipment; Commuters & Regional Aircraft; Component Manufacturing & Processing; Composites & Plastics; Contract Engineering & Technical Personnel; Electrical Systems & Components; Flight Inspection Systems; Heat Treating; Interior Furnishings & Panels; Life Support Equipment, Seat Restraints, Cargo Nets; Navigation Systems & Equipment; Precision Machining/Polishing & Deburring; Surveillance Systems; Welding