Conair Group Inc.

Matt Bradley
President & COO
Tel: 604-557-2748

Jeff Berry
Director, Business Development

1510 Tower Street
Abbotsford, BC, V2T 6H5

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Conair Group Inc. is a privately-owned Aviation Company specialized in providing aerial fire control services and products. Conair is headquartered at the Abbotsford International Airport in British Columbia, Canada.

Conair has provided world class Aerial Forest Fire Management services to a wide variety of Domestic and International Forest Protection Agencies for over 50 years and continues to work closely with numerous Protection Programs to find innovative solutions to economic, operational and technical challenges. Conair’s corporate and business strategy is singularly focused on providing Aerial Forest Fire Management Services and Products. Conair has developed and introduced a multitude of next generation Airtanker and Birddog aircraft for leading our customer air attack programs in effectiveness and efficiency.


Originally called Conair Aviation Ltd., the company was formed in 1969 as a subsidiary of Skyway Air Services of Langley, British Columbia. Current CEO Barry Marsden has been with the company since it began with 35 employees and 19 aircraft. While initially doubling as both a budworm spraying and aerial firefighting business, the next two decades saw significant expansion of Conair’s fleet, capabilities and services in the aerial firefighting sector.

Today, with 350 employees and 70 aircraft, Conair is a world leader in aerial fire control services and products.