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In 2016 Marinvent launched Certification Center Canada (3C), Canada’s firstTCCA approved Independent flight test and certification DAO, which now undertakes all certification services previously supplied by Marinvent. 3C retains Marinvent as a strategic partner and supplier of equipment, engineering and tools.

Cert Center Canada is an independent flight test, research, development and certification center providing a wide range of design

and certification services to the aerospace community in Canada and around the world. Cert Center Canada provides a Canada-wide centralized resource with proven management, tools, and methods to undertake civil and military aerospace projects requiring flight test and certification.



Cert Center Canada is possible because of its mature processes and tools.

It is CGD approved, AS9100 certified and uses Marinvent’s Synthesis tools to develop, optimize and track the generation of test and certification artefacts that support the certification of aircraft, avionics and aircraft systems. The web-based software suite yields significant efficiency and re-use benefits over traditional, largely ad-hoc methods and is already being used on all Cert Center Canada projects.

Synthesis allows Cert Center Canada to use standard processes and document formats across all of its partner DARs and DAOs to deliver its customers a “single shop window experience”. This enables Cert Center Canada’s customers to fully utilize Canada’s existing certification capacity around the country without having to spearately contract with and manage multiple DARs and DAOs because Cert Center Canada does all this for them.


Because Cert Center Canada is an Independent DAO, it can deliver its services to any customers.

Whether new to aerospace or an experienced supplier, Cert Center Canada delivers flexible, tailored certification assistance to its customers including:

•  Access to DARs and DEs in all delegable disciplines,

•  Training,

•  Assistance with establishing plans, standards and processes,

•  Auditing processes and design,

•  Establishing Certification Basis and LOI,

•  FlightTest (Fixed and Rotary wing),

•  Certification findings of compliance in ALL delegable disciplines,

•  Turnkey certification of customer products (STC,TSO,TC),

•  Certification risk assessment,

•  Liaison withTransport Canada and FAA,

•  Augmentation of customer certification staff when needed,

•  Certification Program Management,

•  Certification of new and novel products.

Cert Center Canada can work withTCCA, FAA, EASA and on Military programs.


Cert Center Canada is the only flight test operator in Canada that is licensed to deliver “fee for service FlightTesting”.

Cert Center Canada has multiple fixed and rotary wing test pilots, flight analysts and DARs to deliver Independent flight test planning, optimization, execution and management.


Cert Center Canada believes strongly that the best way to de-risk and optimize aiborne projects is by engaging certification professionals from the concept phase of a design.

At a time when technology is outpacing the aerospace industry’s capacity to react with new regulations (unmanned systems, hybrid airships, electric propulsion, etc.), it is absolutely essential to approach the planned introduction of such technologies from a certification perspective. Failing to do so is already costing many companies considerable wasted investment in uncertifiable products.

Working alongside Cert Center Canada from the outset to build a common-sense technology introduction approach that fully accounts for certification significantly increases the chance of success and de-risks the investment.