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Theresa Davis-Woodhouse
Director of Projects
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The Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace (CCAA) is dedicated to ensuring the Canadian aviation and aerospace industry has enough workers with the right skills to meet industry needs.

CCAA has two main areas of focus: skills development and industry demographics (supply and demand for skills).


With input from industry across Canada, CCAA provides current Labour Market Information (LMI) for all sub-sectors: MRO, aerospace manufacturing, fixed-wing and rotary transport, airports, and professional pilots.


CCAA LMI involves and supports stakeholders in key initiatives:

  • National work force strategy development
  • Work Integrated Learning
  • Career Focus wage subsidy
  • Industry validated national standards for sector – specific occupations
  • Accelerated assessment and certification
  • Skills development and training
  • Curriculadevelopmentbasedonnational standards
  • Aviation & Aerospace career profiles to assist students and workers
  • Training: online and onsite

With a first-rate workforce, Canada can meet industry challenges, now and in the future.

To participate in CCAA initiatives, please contact the Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace at (613) 727-8272 or (800) 488-9715.