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Jacques Giroux
Business Development Manager, Space
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Since 1973, our dedicated team has provided solutions to address the needs of our customers in the space and defence industry. With over 20 optical systems on-orbit and in manufacturing processes, our company is the largest Canadian supplier of space-based optical sensors for atmospheric and weather applications.

ABB specializes in optical remote sensing instruments for space applications such as atmospheric science, weather forecasting, environment monitoring, and astronomy.

Space products and technologies include:

  • Optical instruments
  • Hyperspectral imagers
  • Flight calibration devices
  • Optical ground support equipment
  • Software simulators and data analysis

With over 45 years of experience in remote sensing, an expertise focused on optical instruments and a strong synergy between space and industrial analytical technologies, our company supports its customers’ missions in various ways ranging from feasibility studies to production of complete optical instruments or other hardware modules. ABB also offers solutions for ground-based and airborne instruments in related technology fields.

Products & Services: Engineering; Optical Systems; Remote Sensing Equipment; Satellites, Satellite Systems & Components; Surveillance Systems