Space Engine Systems

Pradeep Dass
President & C.T.O.
Tel: 780-430-9383

#318 14032 23rd Avenue
Edmonton, AB, T6R 3L6

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Space Engine Systems is a Canadian aerospace company that is pioneering the next generation of aerospace propulsion and hypersonic air frame technologies. Our ultimate goal is to perform Lunar missions by developing the world’s lowest cost space technologies.

We are creating three fully reusable horizontal takeoff Mach 5 spaceplanes capable of completing point-to-point, low earth orbit, and Lunar missions starting with the Hello-1X. Hello-1X is our piloted and optionally unmanned turbo-ramjet technology demonstrator slated to fly in 2023 subject to regulatory approvals including the United States of America’s Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). After successful flight of Hello-1X, we are building Hello-1 and Hello-2: both fully reusable vehicles capable of Mach 5 flight with piloted and unmanned operations.

The Hello series spaceplanes are built upon the DASS GNX Engine that functions as an air breathing turbo-ramjet engine up to 32 kilometers altitude, before switching over to rocket mode for space flight in Hello-1 and Hello-2. The Hello-1 payload can support 550 kilograms to low earth orbit, and the Hello-2 can support a 5,500 kilogram payload to low earth orbit.

Space Engine Systems is headquartered in Alberta, Canada with facilities in the U.S.A. and Cornwall U.K. Orders for payloads in both the Hello-1 and Hello-2 are currently live on our website, with payload delivery expected in 2023 and 2025 respectively.

For more information about Space Engine Systems spaceplanes and test facilities please visit our website or contact