AIAC Pacific

In December 2013, AIAC created AIAC Pacific with a mandate to promote and develop aerospace business in British Columbia. In partnership with the BC provincial government, AIAC Pacific provides a cohesive voice for the industry and facilitates access for BC companies to national and international programs and markets.

AIAC Pacific has a unique relationship with AIAC in that it is the only provincial entity managed by the AIAC. Through this relationship, AIAC Pacific is able to leverage participation in national and international programs designed to enhance business development, investment and global competitiveness.

The British Columbia Aerospace Industry

The BC aerospace industry is comprised of some 190 companies, many of which are proven innovators and technology leaders, and possess world-class capabilities. In addition to being a national leader in the ISS-MRO and Space sectors, BC’s diverse capabilities include:

  • aircraft manufacturing;
  • design and construction of major airframe structures for some of the world’s leading aircraft companies;
  • precision machining facilities, specializing in machining of medium to large complex structural aircraft components;
  • world leading aerial suppression and fire fighting services;
  • specialty aerospace and defence integrated aircraft support programs;
  • 3D visualization problem solving;
  • design and manufacture of high lift devices, assemblies and major functional components;
  • global leading surveillance and intelligence, satellite subsystems, robotics, and geospatial services; and
  • numerous small businesses that provide specialized products and services to the national and global aerospace industry.

The BC industry generates $2.4 billion in revenues and $1.3 billion in GDP annually, and employs over 8,000 British Columbians. The BC aerospace industry is the third largest in the country after Ontario and Quebec.

Agreement with the Province of British Columbia

On April 8, 2014 the Province of BC and AIAC announced a five year, $5 million partnership project to expand and accelerate the growth of a world-class aerospace cluster in British Columbia.

To learn more about AIAC Pacific and the BC aerospace industry, visit the AIAC Pacific website.