Pratt and Whitney Canada Corp.

Marc Duchesne
Director, Communications
Tel: (450) 647-3681

1000 Marie Victorin Blvd
Longueuil, QC, J4G 1A1

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Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp. (P&WC), based in Longueuil, Quebec, is a global aerospace leader, shaping the future of business, helicopter and regional aviation with new generation engines. The company also offers advanced engines for industrial applications. P&WC’s operations and service network span the globe. The company’s products power business and regional aircraft and helicopters – more than 60,000 engines in 200 countries and territories. P&WC is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation, a high-technology company based in Hartford, Connecticut.

For over 85 years, P&WC has played a major role in shaping and growing the Canadian aerospace industry. The company has helped to position Canada as a leader on the world stage and has generated significant socioeconomic benefits for Canadians across the country.

With approximately $500 million in annual research and development (R&D) investments annually, P&WC is a leading R&D investor in the Canadian aerospace sector.

The long-standing commitment to innovation has made P&WC a key player in the development of the Canadian aerospace industry.

P&WC has certified over 100 new engine models over the past 25 years – an industry record . This positions P&WC strongly within all its key markets. Today, a P&WC-powered aircraft takes off or lands somewhere in the world every second.

P&WC has built the largest, most comprehensive customer service network in the industry. Through its Customer First Centres in Montreal and Singapore, its network of 30 owned or designated repair and overhaul facilities, seven parts distribution centres, 100 Field Support Representatives, 100 mobile repair team technicians who can be on site within 12 hours,

800 rental/exchange engines and customer training facilities, P&WC delivers unparalleled support to its more than 14,000 customers.

P&WC is leading the way in developing a new generation of greener engines. The company is consistently working towards developing cleaner, quieter, more fuel-efficient engines. In many cases, P&WC betters the most stringent noise and emission standards in the industry (International Civil Aviation Organization – ICAO standards).

With facilities in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and Nova Scotia, P&WC helps generate employment for Canadians across the country. The company directly provides approximately 5,850 high-quality jobs in Canada, including approximately 1,400 professionals in engineering at its R&D facilities in Quebec and Ontario.

P&WC works closely with approximately 20 universities across Canada and the National Research Council to develop new technologies and processes. The company invests $10 million per year on collaborative projects with universities . To date, hundreds of students have worked on more than 800 projects for P&WC.

In working with over 1,300 suppliers across the country, P&WC creates and maintains many indirect jobs, stimulates Canada’s aerospace industry, and creates opportunities for many small and medium enterprises.

P&WC is also committed to giving back to the community. The company and its employees contribute approximately $3 million each year to non-profit organizations across the country focused primarily on education, arts and culture and the environment.