PointMan Canada Ltd.

Robert Hastings CD P.Eng.
Tel: 204-669-9243
| Website: http://pointman.ca/

Winnipeg, MB,

PointMan Canada Ltd has been providing highly responsive consulting services to a broad range of satisfied public and private sector clients for almost 20 years.  That client approval has been clearly evident in the number of repeat and long-term engagements.

In recent years, PointMan has been providing Chief Executive Officer services to West Canitest R&D Inc, or WestCaRD, a non-profit organization in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  PointMan was significantly involved in the establishment of the GE Test Research and Development Center, a GE facility that is used to test and certify commercial aircraft engines.  This facility, which now represents an investment of approximately CA$80M, was relocated from Mirabel where it began operations as an interim facility in 2006, to Winnipeg in 2011, as a permanent GE facility.  In the time between the establishment of the interim and permanent GE facilities, PointMan was also integrally involved in the establishment of the CA$50M+ Pratt & Whitney/Rolls-Royce plc GLACIER facility in Thompson Manitoba where PointMan helped stand up EnviroTREC.  EnviroTREC like WestCaRD, is charged with economic development, the cultivation of specialized, highly qualified human resources, and delivering on government compliance requirements.  Additionally, PointMan currently provides Executive Director services to the Advanced Manufacturing Coalition in Manitoba, a joint project between Economic Development Winnipeg and CME-Manitoba, an initiative for which he was a founding member.

In addition to these longer-term engagements, PointMan also recently provided expert engineering services to a South Korean client in support of advanced aero-engine test technologies. PointMan has also recently initiated an environmentally benign combined heat and power initiative for remote and off grid communities and remote industrial locations in Canada, as well as for export.

If you are seeking:

  • Strategic technology and business investment consulting services, please consider PointMan Canada Ltd as your first step in the business planning process. PointMan can assist in linking government funding and resource support with your Private sector funding sources to help build a multi-disciplinary, multi-sectoral team to achieve your business objectives in a schedule and budget compliant manner.
  • Business development consulting services, firmly founded on experience in Canada and internationally, enables PointMan Canada to assist your company in opening up new markets and establishing joint manufacturing, aerospace, and defence sector ventures in Canada and abroad. Business development in advanced technology sectors requires the technical background necessary to develop relationships which are based on a firm foundation to generate significant and mutually beneficial returns on investment.  Having worked with several market and custom client relationship management packages, PointMan can quickly integrate with your companies processes and pursuits.
  • Relationship building and facilitation has been a long standing service successfully delivered to government, industry, and academic clients in many of the 40+ contracts delivered by PointMan Canada Ltd since incorporation in 1999. Workshops have been organized and managed by PointMan for both small and larger groups to develop strategies on topics ranging from maintenance repair and overhaul technologies, to technology roadmaps for aircraft cabin management systems or diagnostics, prognostics and health management.  Recent collaborative efforts have focused on advanced manufacturing concepts specific to digital technologies, sensors, value chain evaluations, and, gap analyses.