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Marinvent Corporation was originally founded in 1983 for the purpose of conducting aerospace research and development. Nowadays, the company focuses on helping its various customers reduce their program risk and bring their products to market efficiently. The company is headquartered on the outskirts of Montreal, one of the largest aerospace centres in the world. The company is part of a U.S. joint venture with Advanced Aerospace Solutions LLC. In 2013, Marinvent was the recipient of the AIAC James C. Floyd Award as Canadian aerospace company of the year and Advanced AerospaceSolutions is the recipient of the 2014 NASA Small Business Subcontractor of the Year Award.


Program Risk Reduction
Marinvent Corporation offers a unique combination of technical experts, Transport Canada DARs, flying avionics test bed, software tools and research simulator to achieve the single goal of reducing the risk of aerospace research, development, certification and procurement programs, regardless of their size or complexity. Marinvent has helped its customers attain major cost and schedule benefits using its expert staff, which includes fixed and rotary wing test pilots, together with Transport Canada Flight Analyst, Flight Test, TSO and software DARs. Among Marinvent’s customers are: NASA, Bombardier Aerospace, CMC Electronics, DND, Transport Canada, PWGSC, foreign governments and many of the world’s largest aerospace corporations.

Marinvent has successfully completed over 50 STC and TSO certification programs using its highly specialized flying avionics test bed, research simulator, and its experienced, 
multi-disciplinary personnel. The company 
also conducts specialized flight test and certification training.

Critical Aeronautical Software
In addition to the numerous STCs obtained by the company, Marinvent developed the TCL/MC3™ software library, which is the de-facto world standard for the certified electronic depiction of aviation charting information. This accomplishment led directly to the development of the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) technology, for which Marinvent received a prestigious AviationWeek and Space Technology Laureate as well as the Canadian American Business Achievement Award, the Aerospace Association of Quebec’s (AQA) Aerospace Enterprise of the Year award, and the Canadian Business Aviation Association’s Award of Merit.

Flight Test and Certification Software Tool-Suite (Synthesis™)
Marinvent has produced an advanced integrated tool to develop and track the generation of test and certification artefacts that support the certification of aircraft, avionics systems and aircraft systems. The web-based software suite yields significant efficiency and re-use benefits over traditional, largely ad-hoc methods and is already being used on multiple live projects. The Synthesis tool-suite is available from Marinvent for licensing to third parties.

Airfoil Performance Monitor (APM)

Marinvent has developed APM, a revolutionary, real time, stall margin indication technology that functions equally well with contaminated or iced airfoils. APM is currently the only technology that detects compressibility (high speed) stalls, and also predicts takeoff performance degradation during the takeoff roll, at speeds as low as 40 knots. The patented APM system has been the subject of numerous articles, wind tunnel tests and flight trials. APM is applicable to fixed and rotary wing and UAS applications. In addition to saving lives and equipment loss through the reduction of icing-related incidents, APM also has significant potential benefits in terms of fuel economy and break wear and can be applied to help extend range and payload of UAS.

Flying Avionics Test Bed

Marinvent operates a highly sophisticated airborne test-bed supported by a dedicated research flight simulator. These have been instrumental in the development and certification of navigation and safety systems for aircraft as diverse as the EC145 Eurocopter and the Boeing 747. The test-bed is also uniquely configurable as an “Optionally Piloted Vehicle” (OPV), which can be flown from an aft-cabin control station using off-the-shelf Unmanned Vehicle control software. The innovative work performed by Marinvent’s aircraft led to the company being awarded the Canadian Business Aviation Association’s Industry Support Safety Award and the inaugural C2-MTL Aerospace Sector Award.