Mission, Vision, & Values


AIAC is the voice of Canada’s aerospace industry. Our mission is to understand, build consensus and provide leadership on policy issues of interest to the industry. We also work to increase Canada’s profile on the world stage by communicating our air and space accomplishments and by promoting Canadian aerospace companies in foreign markets.


Our vision for AIAC is to be a leading national association that provides outstanding value to members and is the partner of choice for governments, resulting in a Canadian industry that is at the forefront of global aviation, space and defence advances and achievements.


Collaboration: In a complex industry with stakeholders and decision-makers crossing multiple sectors, regions and jurisdictions, a commitment to collaboration is essential to ensuring the long-term success of aerospace in Canada. Industry members, governments at all levels, regional and provincial associations, researchers and academics, and other stakeholders all play an important role in Canadian aerospace achievements. AIAC is committed to promoting policies and partnerships that foster this spirit of collaboration in order to ensure that Canadian aerospace companies of all sizes have the resources that they need to grow and enhance their competitiveness.

Excellence: Canada’s aerospace industry is distinguished by its long history of competing and succeeding at the highest levels. Our members strive for excellence in everything that they do, and AIAC is committed to the same standards in the products and services that we offer, the way we serve our members, and the results that we deliver.

Innovation: The hallmark of the aerospace industry is its constant innovation, pushing the boundaries of technology and engineering to new heights. That same commitment drives AIAC’s approach to policy development, partnership with government and support for our members. We work to develop creative solutions to industry needs and priorities and are constantly improving our processes and products in order to serve and lead as effectively as possible.