UTC Aerospace Systems-Landing Systems

Frank Karakas
V.P. - Landing Systems
Tel: (905) 827-7777
| Fax: (905) 825-1583

Bob Corbeil
Director, Spares and Customer Support
Tel: (905) 827-7777
Fax: (905) 825-1583

1400 South Service Road West
Oakville, ON, L6L 5Y7

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We measure our success at UTC Aerospace Systems-Landing Systems with each take-off and landing.

UTC Aerospace Systems – Landing Systems is a leading provider of integrated landing gear systems that has built a reputation on performance and innovation. Our capabilities include the design, test, manufacture and support of landing gear systems for a wide range of commercial, business and regional aircraft. Our customers span the globe and comprise most of the world’s major aircraft 
manufacturers including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Gulfstream.

We work closely with our customers to ensure that their requirements are met throughout the conceptualization, design, certification and production phases of the product life cycle.

Our experience with structural design and analysis, qualification testing, materials processing, manufacturing, system integration and product support is acknowledged by aircraft manufacturers and operators around the world. In order to conduct the critical strength and performance qualification tests that landing gear must undergo, we have built the largest, most advanced test facilities in the industry, right here in Canada. Our overall capabilities are currently being put to the test with the ongoing development of a multi-wheel bogie-type main landing gear for a new wide-body airliner as well as a landing gear system for a recently introduced family of business jets.

We produce landing gear for a variety of commercial aircraft including one of the world’s leading families of single-aisle jetliners along with a number of larger wide-body aircraft. Our range of capabilities is further demonstrated by supplying the main landing gears for the world’s largest commercial airliner.

We also provide smaller equipment for both regional and business aircraft applications including landing gear for a number of large-cabin business jets as well as integrated landing systems for some of the world’s most successful regional jets and turboprops.

Along with our landing gear capabilities, we are also able to develop fully integrated landing systems comprising all ATA Chapter 32 components that include cockpit controls, electronic control units, braking systems, extension and retraction equipment, proximity sensing systems and steering control systems.


Our customer support capabilities include spares provisioning, technical support, repair & overhaul services, technical publications as well as on-site field service support. Complementing our aftermarket group in Oakville is our Landing Gear Services facility in Burlington, Ontario.