Urthecast Corp.

Mark Wlodyka
Vice President, Canadian Government Programs
Tel: (604) 764-1442

Mark Wlodyka
VP, Canadian Government Programs
Tel: (604) 800-1684

33-1055 Canada Place
Vancouver, BC, V6C 0C3

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UrtheCast Corp. a Vancouver-based technology company that serves the rapidly evolving geospatial and geoanalytics markets with a wide range of information-rich products and services. The company operates Earth Observation (EO) sensors in space, including two satellites, Deimos-1 and Deimos-2, to produce imagery data that is displayed on UrtheCast’s cloud-based web platform and sold to partners and customers.

80 employees

Other Locations: 120 locations worldwide

Products & Services: Contract R & D; Ground Receiving Stations & Components; Software Design & Development; Remote Sensing Equipment; Satellites, Satellite Systems & Components; Systems Integration