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David Gregory
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Marc Gregory
Executive Vice President
Tel: (450) 434-9898
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12900 rue Brault
Mirabel, QC, J7J 0W4

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The Group performs MRO, Distribution and Logistics services through its two domestic facilities and two international sites. Located in Mirabel, Quebec, AvTec Aero Maintenance provides MRO services in 14 ATA categories for Helicopters, Jet Trainers and Regional Aircraft, while CanRep performs MRO on Cabin Accessories and Waste/Water systems for Regional and Airline aircraft. CanRep is also a provider of logistics services (KanBan, DLF and Warehousing) as well as maintaining a significant inventory of spare parts predominantly consisting of interior parts, oils and lubricants, cleaning solutions, engine mount hardware.


In the MRO activities, the group is the primary source of toilet and waste management systems for major airlines, and is the primary subcontractor to Discovery Air Defence Systems for components from the Alpha Jet. It focuses on hydraulic systems including light aircraft landing gear, actuators, and pumps; power generation and distribution components; brakes; and aircraft lighting systems. While most of the customer aircraft are of the DHC8, Beech 1900 and PC-12 size, the electrical MRO activity extends to include Airbus and Boeing aircraft. Within the helicopter MRO, work is conducted on components from Airbus Helicopters, Bell, Sikorsky and AgustaWestland.

With respect to distribution, CanRep is an approved distribution center for Castrol and Eastman oils and lubricants, the primary channel of distribution for Lord interior isolation mounts and is the approved distributor for Vantage cleaning and degreasing solutions. CanRep also is the sole licensed supplier of engine mount hardware for various aircraft including the DHC-7 and -8 aircraft.

Category System Category System
ATA 21 Air Systems ATA 33 Lights
ATA 24 Electrical Power ATA 36 Pneumatics
ATA 25 Cabin Accessories ATA 38 Waste/Water Systems
ATA 27 Flight Controls ATA 71 Power Plant
ATA 28 Fuel Systems ATA 76 Engine Controls
ATA 29 Hydraulic Power ATA 77 Engine Indicators
ATA 30 Ice & Rain ATA 78 Oil Systems Protection
ATA 32 Landing Gear ATA 80 Starting Systems

CanRep Distribution meets and exceeds CAR 563 and AS9100 standards. Both CanRep and AvTec are approved CAR 573 AMO, EASA Repair Stations and have received high marks consistently from various agencies and customers.

While centred near Montreal, CanRep Group’s customer base is global. We are proud to be a VIP supplier to a major Canadian aircraft manufacturer and to serve operators in Canada and around the world.

Contact Information

President: David Gregory

Executive VP: Marc Gregory

MRO Sales: JC Tewfik

Distribution Sales: Bernard Dube

12900 Brault, Mirabel, Qc, J7J 0W4
(450) 434-9898

AvTec Aero:
12912 Brault, Mirabel, Qc, J7J 1P3
(514) 735-1700