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Satellite communications have been connecting continents since the 1960s and today are at the center of TV distribution, Internet access, broadband to ships and planes, and a host of other services.

Telesat is one of the most successful and respected companies in the global satellite industry. Headquartered in Ottawa, Telesat owns and operates a fleet of 17 satellites in geostationary orbit (GEO). Telesat also manages a robust teleport and terrestrial infrastructure that is seamlessly integrated with its fleet. Through this combination of space and ground assets, Telesat provides reliable and secure communications solutions – nationally, regionally and globally – to hundreds of broadcast, telecom, corporate and government customers in markets around the world.

Today’s satellite networks offer unmatched capabilities in coverage, reliability and performance with data speeds to meet virtually any end-user requirement. Telesat is a leader in broadband mobility solutions for ships and aircraft, both commercial and government. For consumer broadband, Telesat owns and operates the Canadian portion of ViaSat-1, a North American high throughput satellite that serves over 500,000 subscribers.

To meet the world’s surging demand for data-centric applications, Telesat is now developing a global constellation of satellites in low earth orbit (LEO) that will deliver transformative, low latency, fiber-like broadband to serve both corporate and government users. The start of commercial service is targeted for 2022. Telesat is well positioned to deliver the world’s most advanced and capable LEO constellation given its strong track record of innovation, senior spectrum rights, and industry-leading customer service and support.

Telesat innovations have been transforming global communications for decades. Factors behind the company’s success include its deep technical expertise and customer-oriented culture backed by an industry leading consultancy and R&D Lab. Telesat’s consulting group is sought after by communications companies, governments, insurers and enterprises worldwide for unbiased guidance in complex technical and commercial decisions. The group specializes in supporting satellite operators, spacecraft manufacturers and telecom service providers who want to innovate and improve the performance of their communications networks.