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Managing Director
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Karim Ibrahim
Commercial Program Manager
Tel: (613) 595-2213
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30 Edgewater Street, Suite 104
Ottawa, ON, K2L 1V8

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Rockwell Collins is a pioneer in the development of world class communication, avionic, simulation and training solutions for both government and commercial applications in Canada. Specifically, our expertise lies in flight deck avionics, strategic communications systems, information management and simulation and training services which are delivered by 20,000 employees worldwide. Rockwell Collins also has a renowned global service and support capability as demonstrated locally with our longstanding relationship with Air Canada and the Canadian Armed Forces.

Rockwell Collins is committed to Canadian aerospace and defence exemplified by our ongoing investment and collaboration with Canadian firms and research institutions across Canada for the development, production and support of advanced avionics and communications systems. On October 1, 2012, Rockwell Collins operations in Canada were merged in to a single company, Rockwell Collins Canada, to improve efficiencies in operations by leveraging our commercial aviation best practices in Montreal and our networked communications excellence in Ottawa for the benefit of both government and commercial customers. The combined company has its headquarters in Ottawa and employs approximately 140 personnel in Canada.

Rockwell Collins Ottawa specializes in the design, development, support, modeling and simulation of wireless, ad-hoc networking technologies for tactical applications used by the Royal Canadian Navy Army, as well as coalition partners around the world. The Ottawa facility also serves as a focal point for all Rockwell Collins systems, services and repairs for Government of Canada customers.

Rockwell Collins maintains a substantial systems engineering presence in Montreal, providing system engineering services to Bombardier, one of the world’s largest commercial and business aircraft manufacturers. The Montreal facility plays a central role in supporting primarily Bombardier development and production programs with avionics design, installation, integration and test support as well as customer and sales support.



30 Edgewater Street, Suite 104,
Ottawa, ON K2L 1V8
Main telephone number: (613) 595-2200
Main fax number: (613) 595-2280
Point of contact: Lee Obst, President and Managing Director, Rockwell Collins Canada


1111 Dr . Frederik Philips Blvd., Suite 201,
Saint-Laurent, QC H4M 2X6
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Site leader: Karim Ibrahim, Program Manager, Commercial Systems