Providence Group

Volodymyr Paslavskyi
CEO And President
Tel: (647) 831-2139

630 Brown's Line
Toronto, ON, M8W 3V6

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Providence Group is a Canadian aerospace consulting company that specializes in government and B2B relations. Providence Group consults Canadian and international companies that want to do business in Ukraine or in Canada and USA, respectively.

Providence Group represents in Canada FED Corporation, a Ukrainian aerospace leader in designing and manufacturing flight and engine control systems, IDGs, hydraulic motors and pumps, fuel-regulating equipment, hydro-pneumatic units for rotary and fixed-wing aircrafts and other aerospace components.

Other Locations: Ukraine
Products & Services: Business & Government Relations; Chemical Vapour Deposition; Control Systems & Components; Electrical Systems & Components; Flight Control Systems & Components; Fuel Systems & Components; Hydraulic Systems & Components; Physical Vapour Deposition; Power Management Systems & Components; Research & Development; Satellites, Satellite Systems & Components