Stewart Bain
Chief Executive Officer

Jean-Philippe Arseneau
Chief Communications and Public Relations Strategy


384 rue Saint-Jacques
Suite 300
Montreal, QC, H2Y 1S1

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Empowering Humanity to Preserve our Planet

NorthStar Earth & Space Inc, of Montreal, Canada, is developing NorthStar, a revolutionary Global Information Platform designed to monitor Earth’s environment and protect high-value assets in space.
Environmental Management
Based on a satellite constellation with a sophisticated and powerful sensor system, NorthStar will enable new advances in environmental management including pollution detection, monitoring the world’s oceans and rivers, enhancing the productivity of agriculture, wildfire alerts, and oil and gas pipeline monitoring to prevent spills and contamination.

Space Object Tracking
NorthStar’s sensors will identify, track and predict the trajectories of more than 300,000 space debris objects in Earth’s orbit, reducing the probability of collisions and protecting high-value assets in space.

Earth Information and Intelligence – EI2
The information delivered by NorthStar will elevate traditional Earth Observation to Earth Information and Intelligence (EI2), transforming humanity’s ability to manage our impact on the environment of our planet.

25 employees

Products & Services: Ground Receiving Stations & Components; Remote Sensing Equipment; Satellites, Satellite Systems & Components