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NGC Aerospace Ltd is a Canadian high technology company known for the analysis, simulation, design and deployment of artificial vision as well as guidance, navigation and control (GNC) systems for autonomous aeronautical, space and terrestrial vehicles. Since 2001, NGC’s team of engineers have contributed to the successful completion of more than 100 R&D projects and flight programmes in collaboration with national and international space agencies as well as a number of major aerospace companies in Canada, Europe and the United States. In 2016, NGC cumulated more than 25 years of in-orbit operations with a 100% success rate of its flight software. The algorithms, simulators, real-time software and integrated systems designed by NGC aim at increasing the autonomy, the performance, the reliability and the safety of vehicles while, at the same time, reducing their operational costs. NGC’s main clients are international and national space agencies, governmental agencies, as well as North American and European aerospace companies.

NGC’s main services include the analysis, design, implementation, validation and flight operation of innovative algorithms and reliable real-time software required for:

  • visual feature detection/recognition, visual odometry, hazard detection;
  • navigation, datafusion, filtering, parameter identification;
  • autonomous guidance, hazard avoidance;
  • control (multivariable, robust, predictive, parameter-varying);
  • failure detection/identification.

These activities also extend to mathematical modelling of dynamical systems, the calibration and validation of sensors and the development of the associated high-fidelity engineering simulators required for the validation of the software.