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President, Space Systems
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Mike Sekerka
CEO, Neptec Technologies
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For 25 years Neptec has been developing innovative sensing and robotic solutions for harsh environments. Neptec operates as two affiliated companies. Neptec Design Group Ltd. specializes in the development, integration and support of intelligent sensors, rovers and payloads for Space. Neptec Technologies Corp. develops and sells innovative 3D machine vision products for terrestrial markets such as mining, oil and gas, construction, defence and security.

Over the years Neptec has delivered mission-critical operational systems for space applications as diverse as construction of the International Space Station, on-orbit inspection of Space Shuttles to ensure their safe return to earth, guidance for rendezvous and docking of space vehicles, on-orbit alignment of high resolution x-ray telescopes, and rover guidance and navigation.

Neptec personnel have supported over 40 space missions, have logged over 30,000 hours of mission support and have won wide recognition for their performance,innovation and dedication to quality. Neptec achieved the highest possible contractor performance rating from NASA three years in a row; and in 2011, was recognized with the George M. Low Award, NASA’s premier award for quality and performance.

Closer to earth, Neptec’s OPAL line of 3D rugged sensors, which have the ability to see in dusty conditions and in turbid waters, are being used in a wide range of applications targeted at increasing safety and improving productivity. Applications include safely landing helicopters in brownout conditions; guiding ore trucks and shovels in mines; guiding planes, vehicles and personnel around airport aprons; construction and sub-sea equipment inspection and vehicle guidance.

Neptec has facilities in Ottawa Canada, Houston USA and Harwell England. Major customers include space agencies, international space companies, defence agencies,defence contractors and tier-1 mining equipment suppliers.