Mission Control Space Services

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Ewan Reid
President / CEO

Anne Wen
Manager, Business Development
Tel: (613) 219-1992

1125 Colonel By Drive, #311 St. Patrick's Bldg.
Ottawa, ON, K1S 5B6

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Mission Control was established to deliver low-cost, innovative solutions to problems in space and on earth. Through technology development and industry consulting, Mission Control Space Services aims to facilitate Canadian contributions to the emerging space economy.

With expertise in artificial intelligence, machine vision, guidance, navigation and control, Mission Control Space Services’ advanced technology group is developing solutions to enhance the autonomy of robotic systems. Development efforts center around algorithms, simulations and integration of sensors on robotic platforms.

Our solutions reduce operational costs of robotic systems, decrease risks of operation in harsh and remote environments, and increase the success of complex missions. By leveraging the company’s multidisciplinary expertise in geology, off-road mobility, robotics and space mission operations – Mission Control is solving some of the greatest challenges of planetary mobility by developing advanced software solutions that can be uploaded to current or future rovers.

Mission Control Space Services also maintains a dedication to developing future generations of space explorers, by delivering an education and outreach program centering around the idea of designing and executing a planetary exploration mission with a rover mission simulation. Mission Control Academy has travelled around the globe and has inspired students to stay involved and intrigued with STEAM.