Howard Loewen
President and Chief Technical Officer
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Pierre Pepin
VP Sales and Marketing
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72067 Road 8E, Sturgeon Road, P.O. Box 720
Stony Mountain, MB, R0C 3A0

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MicroPilot’s UAV flight facility is situated on forty acres, ten minutes north of Winnipeg. The headquarters houses MicroPilot’s head office, production, and research and development divisions. In addition, the Winnipeg facility includes a flight-testing area with two paved runways. The flight test area operates under a Transport Canada Special Flight Operation Certificate, covering a wide range of UAV operations.

Products and Services:

Autopilots – MicroPilot offers five board autopilots, ranging from the economical 1028g2 series to MP2128HELI2 helicopter, multi-rotor, and fixed-wing autopilots. The 2×28 series includes all sensors, supports full autonomous flight from takeoff to landing. The autopilot settings are also upwards compatible with the 1028g2 series . MicroPilot also offers enclosed autopilots, MP2128LRC and MP2128HELI-LRC; and the industry’s only triple redundant UAV autopilot, the MP21283X.

Simulation – MicroPilot’s trueHWILmp Hardware in the loop simulator provides an environment for true, real-time simulation of flights of MicroPilot’s MP2128g2 autopilots. This simulator is an excellent tool for testing a MicroPilot autopilot in flight while the autopilot itself sits on the ground.

Design Life-Cycle Tool – XTENDER validate allows design teams to systematically link flight, user, and simulator testing validation data to requirements. In addition, users can link requirements to autopilot options and GCS settings, as well as identify subsystem failure modes and link them to requirements.

Ground Control Software – HORIZON mp includes point-and-click mission planning, multi-UAV support, and an integrated simulator. This software is included with the purchase of an autopilot system. A video upgrade includes camera projection, fly-by camera, orbit-by camera, and video annotation.

Other Products and Services – XTENDER software developers kit, UAV integration, training, custom software and hardware.

Major Clients:
With over 850 clients in 70 countries, MicroPilot is the world leader in the design and manufacturing of miniature UAV autopilots. Clients include military, academic and private research institutes as well as UAV manufacturers and end users.