Mega Speed Corporation

Mark Wahoski
Chief Executive Officer
Tel: (204) 867-3767 ext. 200
| Fax: (204) 867-3933

45 Main Street South, Unit B

Minnedosa, MB, R0J 1E0

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Company Overview

Mega Speed Corporation was established in 2001 by Canadian Photonic Labs. Mega Speed Corporation designs, manufactures and markets high speed video cameras, high speed digital video recorders ( DVR’s) and high speed custom imaging systems for the Industrial, scientific, aerospace and military markets. Mega Speed Corporation is Canada’s largest manufacture of high speed cameras and imaging systems. Mega Speed Corporation’s high speed products and services are used to analyse and capture events that are too fast for the human eye to see and then play the event back in super slow motion for detailed frame by frame image analysis and report generation.

Principal Products, Technology & Services

Mega Speed manufactures its high speed cameras using the latest CMOS sensor technology achieving high sensitivity with frame rates close to one million framers per second for your most critical testing application. Mega Speed Corporation offers high speed consulting services and on-site testing assistance globally. Mega Speed Corporation has a global dealer network with extensive high speed video experience ready to assist you with your next high speed imaging application.

Major Clients And Projects Supported With High Speed Video Systems

Naval Air Weapons Centre China Lake
Tomahawk Cruise Missile tests F18 seat ejection system tests

National Research Centre
High speed combustion research

Mars prototype parachute testing

High speed component testing

Northrop Grumman
System validation and testing services

NASA Glenn Research Centre
SpaceX zero gravity fairing separation

General Electric
Aircraft engine ice accretion certification and testing