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Burlington, ON, L7L 6B8

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Core Business:
Marsh Metrology provides Accredited Calibrations meeting all requirements of AS9100 through our ISO 17025 Calibration Laboratory.
Marsh provides electronic repair and re-manufacturing of printed circuit boards for product life extension meeting original OEM specifications. We also provide product distribution for test and measurement equipment and precision measurement gauges addressing manufacturing needs and design testing requirements.

Facilities: ISO/IEC 17025:2005

• On-Site Metrology
• Mobile Calibration Lab
• Off-Site at Marsh Metrology Lab

• Certified Metrologists
• Certified Technician


• Rapid Response
• Calibration Data Management System
• Administrative Services – Objective Evidence
• Calibration Certificates
• Full Compliance with ISO 17025:2005

Scope of Accreditation:

Marsh Metrology has been accredited by ACLASS® for a broad range of Parameters and Equipment under Certificate AC-1172.
Marsh Metrology is ISO 17025:2005 Accredited for Dimensional, Electrical, Thermodynamic & Mechanical Calibrations, including the following, and much more:

Instrumentation: Process, Calibrators, Surveys and Ovens

RF: Signal generators, Frequency counters, GPS, Spectrum analyzer, network analyzer, power sensor, power meter

Electrical: Multimeters, Clamp-on Meters, O-Scopes, Multifunction Calibrators and Manometers

Temperature: Thermometers, Temperature Probes, Infrared, Dry Well Calibrators, TCs and RTD

Humidity Meters, Humidity Probes and Data Loggers

Pressure: Gauges, Indicators, Calibrators and Dead Weight Testers

Dimensional: Crimpers, Hardness Testers, Ring/ Plug Gauges Threaded/Plain, Micrometers, Calipers, Dial Indicators and Gauges

Torque: Wrenches, Screwdrivers and Transducers

Scales: Balances, Lab Scales, Load Cells and Tensiometers