Life Prediction Technologies Inc.

Ashok Koul
President & CEO
Tel: 613-371-2105

Avisekh Banerjee
Director of Engineering

1010 Polytek Street, Suite 23
Ottawa, ON, K1J 9J1

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LPTi offers customized predictive maintenance products and services to gas turbine life cycle managers and MROs. The patented XactLIFE framework enables engine usage based quantitative assessment of damage evolution in each critical engine part and provides additional intelligence to OEMs maintenance recommendations. Component design changes can also be assessed.


XactLIFE™ GT is a custom-built engine specific prognostics platform developed using LPTi’s patented LCM-ES framework. It provides a Digital Twin capability with complete LCM of engine parts including Safe Life Analysis, ENSIP-based Damage Tolerance Assessment (DTA) and reliability under actual mission/usage spectrum. Impact of any material changes can also be quantified. The system includes predictive maintenance and parts life tracking modules for individual engine and fleet operational environments.

XactLIFE™ GT is a web-based application that runs on a client-server model. It can be deployed seamlessly on a local machine or on a cloud ready remote server. Simple but rich user interfaces provide an easy to use experience for running multi-disciplinary and complex calculations within one application.  Interfaces can be build with data servers and ERP systems.


LPTi offers the following engineering services for aero-engine and other critical components to users, airworthiness authorities, MROs, third party parts manufacturers and emerging OEMs

  • Quantitative Residual Life Assessment
  • Root Cause Failure Assessment Critical for Repair Development and Implementation
  • Simulation under Actual Engine Usage Conditions
  • Upfront Component Reliability
  • Predictive Maintenance and Analytics
  • Component Level Design Evaluation
  • Develop and Implement ENSIP/ FAR25-AC33 strategies
  • Training