Icarus Aerospace, Inc.

Marko Ivankovic
Senior Project Manager
Tel: 514-424-4140

1255 rue Peel, Suite 1000
Montreal, QC, H3B 2T9

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ICARUS Aerospace provides the world a unique family of clean-sheet, mission-specialized, aeronautical products. We design, assemble, certify and put in service innovative aircraft suited for rapid reconfiguration, multi-roles, and efficient deployment over a wide range of operational theaters.

The ICARUS Core Team is composed of world-class senior engineers, and mature subject matter experts with top-notch industry know-how. Within their disciplines, our associates take proud responsibility across the full spectrum of new aircraft development. We value innovative design, adaptability and responsiveness to customer needs, experience led capabilities enhancement, long lasting relationships, and respect, with a relentless focus on achieving results, and we rely on a powerful network of partners, suppliers and contributors sharing a common passion for excellence in design and in-service use.

As such, ICARUS Aerospace is providing other civil aerospace and defence customers, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with our services and support.