Marc Kneppers
Vice President, R&D
Tel: (403) 850-1114

1900 City Park Drive, Suite 512
Gloucester, ON, K1J 1A3

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Dominant Information Solutions Canada Inc (DISC) is a top tier, all-Canadian provider of a range of professional services for clients with complex cyber risks and challenges. Our goal is to deliver modern cyber security practices to space platforms. We believe that reliable cyber security is at the heart of the integrity of modern information systems and that we are uniquely positioned to provide this requirement. DISC strives to create the conversations and products that will drive improvements in space cyber security.

DISC delivers on its mission in 2 primary ways. The first is the creation of the DISC Space Lab, our primary R&D facility where we are able to analyze various satellite platforms and develop cyber security solutions. The second is by leveraging the space lab and our extensive experience in cyber security, DISC has developed the first cyber monitoring platform for satellite platforms, based on both a security methodology and a hardware capability for high assurance needs: eClypse.

Using an onboard hardware module, eClypse collects and transmits these indicators to the ground segment, without introducing additional software and resource complexity to the satellite. Our Ground Station analyzes the incoming data and performs threat analysis and incident identification.

DISC can adapt eClypse to any hardware architecture where it is crucial to have a lightweight, operational awareness of security intrusions. We see this capability as essential to not only the Space industry, but also avionics, high-assurance vehicles, and military applications.