CS Communications & Systems Canada Inc.

Laurent Pieraut
Tel: 514-293-2568

800-3333 Côte -Vertu Boulevard
St-Laurent, QC, H4R 2N1

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CS Group – Canada is a specialized engineering service company. CS Group – Canada’s primary mission is to develop, validate, verify and certify safety and mission critical embedded software. Our customers are Tier1 and Tier2 that design systems and subsystems for the aeronautics, defense and automotive industries. Our customers develop systems for engine controls, avionic systems, defense systems, autonomous driving, and many more.

CS Group – Canada also addresses the Counter small Unmanned Aerial System (CsUAS) market. RAPTOR is the first Canadian counter-drone C2 system. RAPTOR has been designed and built by CS for the Defense and Security market to protect deployments, VIP, events and critical assets against small drones activities. RAPTOR provides high-end multi sensors processing, detection, identification and fusion, provides decluttered and low false positive air picture, and integrate neutralization equipment against rogue drones.

135 employees

Other Locations: East Hartford, CT

Products & Services: Certification Services; Command & Control Systems; Contract Engineering & Technical Personnel; Engineering; Engineering & Management Support; Management; Software Design & Development; Surveillance Systems; Test Rigs & Equipment; Testing & Inspection Services