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ConvergentManufacturing Technologies, Inc. is a world leading provider of composites process simulation software and hardware, and engineering services for efficient composites manufacturing. Our products and services enable composites manufacturers to reduce manufacturing risk, shorten development times, and lower manufacturing cost.


Convergent has a strong foundation in the science of composites processing, which in conjunction with decades of industrial experience and technology development produces unique and innovative solutions that support our customers’ manufacturing needs.

When done right,composites manufacturing brings great reward in both cost and efficiency of structure. However, there is significant risk in getting the process right. Process simulation allows you to efficiently study the effect of process parameters such as cure cycle, tool design, and oven/autoclave performance on the outcome of the process. A quantitative understanding of these relationships will reduce risk in process development, guide you towards robust and efficient processes, and reduce the amount of testing required . Additionally, having effective tools to reduce risk and save time when in production allows for a streamlined throughput and lower failure rates.

Convergent has experience supporting major new airplane programs as well as research and development programs. Our pragmatic and cost effective approach to process design provides significant returns to our customers. With our process design support tools, you can reduce risk and uncertainty at every step: from initial trade studies to detail design and production. Our customers include more than half of the top twenty aerospace companies in the world.


Our software products, COMPRO and RAVEN, enable composites process modelling from the simple to the sophisticated that allow you to meet engineering specifications, and to reduce risk and cost. Our newest hardware product, COHO, is a gas flow and vacuum leak detection system (pat. pend.) that saves significant time in production by detecting and localizing vacuum leaks.

Convergent provides a full suite of analysis tools. Simple graphical process maps and easy-to-use, free-standing process analysis software enables fast preliminary analysis and understanding. Three-dimensional finite element analysis can be used for detailed simulation of large complex geometries. The simple tools only require a few minutes to generate useful results, whereas the more complex tools provide large amounts of detailed information. The tools are complementary and generate consistent results . COHO is offered in different models, providing leak detection and localization that meet the needs of your parts size and complexity.


Convergent provides a full range of analysis and engineering services for program support. Our experienced engineers and analysts can quickly determine efficient simulation strategies to set up and run process models. We have standard procedures for model verification and validation. We work closely with our customers to establish a support level that fits their technical environment and maximizes the return on their investment. As experts in materials and facilities characterization for process simulation and process analysis, we go beyond troubleshooting your processes to training your team on how to improve workflows.