Composite Automation

Peter Richter
Vice President
Tel: (519) 654-6136

33 Landsdowne Road North
Cambridge, ON, N1S 2T1

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Composite Automation represents leading automation experts specialized in composites manufacturing equipment including:

  • patch placement;
  • ATL;
  • AFP;
  • filament winding;
  • fibre patch placement robots;
  • prepreg machines;
  • tow slitting and rewinding;
  • cutting tables;
  • composite automation equipment;
  • handling fixtures;
  • sophisticated material nesting and management software; and,
  • robotic pick and place machines.

Our team has decades of composites and automation experience and our mission is to provide our customers with the best solution to meet their composites manufacturing needs.

The companies we represent include: Mikrosam, Cevotec, Autometrix, ONExia, IMC, ARM Automation, JETCAM and Movitherm.

Our principles can provide off the shelf and custom solutions to meet your composites manufacturing needs. Through we can also provide digital work instructions and composite training services.