Commercial Emergency Equipment Co.

Morgan Mackay
General Manager
Tel: 1-800-665-6126

591 Chester Road
Delta, BC, V3M 6G7

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We are Oshkosh Airport Product’s Canadian dealer with the industry’s largest network of full-service locations and mobile service fleet.  Commercial is renowned throughout Canada for our professional engineers, designers, heavy-duty mechanics and EVT’s, welders and fabricators, as well as knowledgeable and experience parts people and customer service representatives.

Our team understands the critical mission of our customers and we are committed to their safety and the reliability and performance of the equipment we deliver, support, and service.

Number of employees:  200+

Products & Services:  ARFF, Snow Trucks:  sales, in-house and mobile service, 24-hour emergency service, repairs, scheduled and ongoing maintenance, parts and repair.