Canadensys Aerospace Corporation

Christian Sallaberger
President & CEO
Tel: (647) 887-8575

10 Parr Blvd
Bolton, ON, L7E 4G9

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Canadensys Aerospace is a Canadian missions, systems and services provider with an emphasis on low-cost, high-reliability civil and defence space applications beyond LEO, from MEO and GEO out to cislunar and beyond. Low-temperature avionics, sensors, mechanisms, structures and thermal control provide low-cost small-

mission robustness at a fraction of traditional costs, and ensure next-generation architecture performance—from lunar-night survival and deep- space longevity to long-range surface mobility, networked assets, space-based situational awareness and autonomous robotic operation.

25 employees

Other Locations: Stratford, ON

Products & Services: Remote Sensing Equipment; Satellites, Satellite Systems & Components