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Tel: (905) 678-1548
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Bryce Industries Inc . is a Canadian chemical company with 20 staff, established 28 years ago. Bryce Industries is in conformance with AS9120 and ISO 9001 certification.

We provide customized chemicals for aerospace application and have a sterling reputation for environmentally friendly replacement products (i .e . DS-108F Wipe Solvent and Environmental Gun Wash Cleaner). We also fully support the implementation of our products and have a proven track record for efficient and effective new materials training. Our customer list includes Boeing, Bombardier Aerospace, L-3 Communications, Department of National Defence and Air Canada.

We supply to MRO’s across Canada.

Bryce Industries also has a very aggressive research and development program that focuses on bio-, nano- and applied specialty chemicals pertaining to aerospace. We have expertise in developing nano-based coatings for aerospace applications.

Supporting these activities, we have very experienced staff, three ISO 9001 approved facilities, adequate space for inventory and a national supply program.

Our objective is to further our relationship with the aerospace industry.