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Brownrigg-Smith Consulting, Inc. (BSC) is a leading authority in the Canadian Industrial Participation (IP) Policies, Value Proposition (VP), Industrial and technological Benefits (ITB), (known globally as “Offsets”) providing support services to a global market base. BSC assists our clients to achieve their Industrial Participation obligations to Canada with a managed-risk approach, balanced through a strong integration of defence, scientific, technological, industrial and regional strategies, and related economic activities throughout Canada. BSC supports clients in developing strategic Industrial Participation programs as an integral component of their Aerospace Procurement capture strategy, including innovative solutions that fulfill their obligations while managing the offset impact on cost and program risk.

Established in 1996, BSC works as a strategic partner with our client organizations to establish Industrial Participation programs that are a Success Story. BSC is intimately knowledgeable with all aspects of the Canadian IP Policies delivering full offset life cycle support services. BSC assists our clients in the identification and support of Canadian industrial participants that foster innovation, technology development and commercialization capability that strengthens the aerospace economic foundations of Canada. BSC develops offset proposals with strategies to enhance the Aerospace Project’s business case, establishes offset deliverables within the procurement process, develops offset plans maximizing Value Proposition activity, develops and delivers additional business activities and transactions, and performs full offset implementation management. BSC utilizes proven processes and support tools to manage the offset program and its financial risk. BSC coordinates offset project management activities as well as provides information and analysis pertinent to Project implementation to enable our clients to pursue and develop offset-eligible business opportunities to the mutual benefit of their organization whilst being responsive to Canada’s economic priority targets.