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Since 1987, hundreds of organizations have leveraged BNH products and services to identify, manage and optimize training.  BNH Training Management System ADVISOR Enterprise simplifies and speeds Training Needs Analysis, manages training requirements; as well as maintains training effectiveness and efficiency over time (as missions, goals, systems, jobs, policies, technologies, throughput, and so forth, change) by continually realigning training courses/activities with operational requirements to identify gaps, duplications and training with minimal value; uncovering cost drivers; forecasting and comparing the costs of viable delivery options; improving resource allocation; and identifying/mitigating bottlenecks.  BNH can assist in the following ways:

  • During Planning Phase:  To identify the most cost effective solution; since the number and type of training devices, instructors, classroom, infrastructure, etc., are directly impacted by training strategy.
  • During Implementation Phase: To:
    • Reduce time needed to conduct Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and develop Training Plans (TPs), as follows:
      • Streamline data collection from SMEs through custom-built Excel spreadsheets.
      • Automate Difficulty, Importance & Frequency, Gap, Media and Cost Analysis.
      • Forecast expenses, personnel and resource requirements.
      • Facilitate data management and reuse through a Google like search function.
      • Generate dozens of reports in a single click.
    • Facilitate Collaboration by storing data in a centralized database accessible anytime and from anywhere with only a Browser.
    • Automatically Track Changes made by each team member, including what change was made, when and by whom.
    • Maintain Consistency by identifying data to be collected, analysis to be conducted and reports to be generated.
    • Assess Impact of Change by quickly and accurately identifying all training activities, courses, lessons and teaching points impacted by a change to a mission, system, job, policy, and so forth.
    • Generate Audit Trail including top down as well as bottom up reports to identify where each requirement is addressed, gaps, as well as why each activity is needed.
    • Forecast Personnel/Resources by quickly identifying courses, activities, budget, personnel and resource requirement for any time period.
    • Comply with Standards including CFITES, JSP-822, MIL-HDBK-29612-2A, AETC Handbook 36-2203, TRADOC Pamphlet 35-70-6, Australian Defence Model, AIA, S6000T and EASA.
    • Continually Identify Venues to Drive Training Efficiency by mapping operation requirements to courses/training activities to identify gaps, duplication and training with minimal impact.

ADVISOR is recognized in CFITES Volume 4 “… to determine the most effective and efficient media for a given situation” and is “… the preferred decision support tool” for UK MoD (JSP 822).  Our solutions have been successfully implemented in multiple projects in Canada, US, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Brazil and Singapore.