Avion Technologies Inc.

Paul Chana, P.Eng., MBA
Vice President
Tel: (905) 670-1570 ext. 27

1203 Lorimar Drive
Mississauga, ON, L5S 1M9

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Avion provides contract manufacturing services primarily to the aerospace and defence, nuclear, and heavy equipment industries. We manufacture from single part-level items, to final tested multi-level assemblies. We are experts in drive and actuation systems which require gear and spline expertise.


Avion manufactures a wide variety of precision machined components and sub-systems for clients who require reliable precision parts and components with full manufacturing traceability. Combining skilled talent with CNC technology, Avion provides the precision, speed, and repeatability to consistently produce parts on-time to extremely close tolerances. We are dedicated to lean manufacturing and on-time delivery which translates into competitive prices with no pain and hassle of late deliveries to our customers—this is the value we deliver.

Drive Product/Gear and Spline Services

We offer integrated manufacturing services of drive and actuation products as well as gear and spline cutting services. We provide fully tested actuation assemblies for customers who rely  on our components for actuation of critical aircraft control surfaces and mechanical systems. Complete parts, assemblies, and gear/spline cutting services include:

  • Internal/external involute spline cutting services
  • Spur/helical gear sets
  • Involute and straight splined components
  • Precision ground worm and worm gear sets
  • Bevel gear sets
  • Rack and pinion sets
  • Complete mechanical gear design and manufacturing

Assembly and Kitting Services

  • Gear and drive product assembly
  • Installation of hardware: bearings, bushings, joining elements,
  • Kitting and stocking services
  • Electrical wiring and soldering
  • Hydraulics assembly
  • Actuator assembly

Other Locations: Sanborn, NY

Products & Services: Component Manufacturing & Processing; Composites & Plastics; Gear & Spline Manufacturing; Hydraulic Systems & Components; Landing Gear Systems & Components; Machining; Maintenance Tooling; Precision Machining/Polishing & Deburring; Tooling; Transmission Systems & Components