ARA Robotics

Pascal Chiva-Bernard
Chief Executive Officer
Tel: (438) 387-1306

4767 Dagenais Street
Montreal, QC, H4C 1L8

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ARA Robotics is a Quebec company, based in Montreal specializing in drone control and aerial navigation. Currently offering a drone control system, the SKYMATETM autopilot, specifically dedicated to commercial and civil drones.

Its leading-edge expertise allows for the constant integration of new electronics and robotics technologies into the market to continuously improve unmanned aircrafts’ reliability and accuracy.

ARA Robotics also offers tailor-made development services for customers in need of solutions not commonly offered on the market.

ARA Robotics collaborates in Canadian technological research, focused on robust and advanced aircraft control, the accuracy and reliability of inertial navigation solutions coupled with different sensors, as well as software managing drones and their data. We work closely with Canadian universities and businesses to advance research in its various development priorities.